MOOC - International Water Law



MOOC - International Water Law

Online courses

The Geneva Water Hub is proud to co-organise MOOC n°3 - International Water Law. It strengthens the Geneva Water Hub’s offer in free open online courses alongside the one on Water Management and Policy and Ecosystem Services: A Method for Sustainable Development. The ultimate objective being to deliver a combined certificate on natural resources and water governance under the Coursera umbrella.

Water scarcity, climate change, a growing population, the increasing demand on hydropower and the consequences of environmental degradation all lead to more frequent transboundary impacts. These international effects, combined with the consumptive nature of certain water uses, make agreements between States on the utilisation of shared water resources necessary. Otherwise, the multiple demands on, and the uneven distribution of, freshwater across regions can lead to tensions and disputes. This topic, which dominates current political and economic discourse, affects everyone who is passionate about, or who wishes to shape, our planet’s future.

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